Dutch bros smoothie

The Dutch Bros secret menu is a treasure trove of delightful surprises, offering not only a variety of coffee drinks but also a selection of other beverages, including smoothies, lemonades, teas, cold brews, and milkshakes, known as Dutch Frost.

This hidden menu is a haven for those seeking unique and innovative drink options, providing a perfect opportunity to explore and savor a range of creative and flavorful concoctions.

Whether you’re a fan of traditional coffee or more adventurous blends, the Dutch Bros secret menu is sure to have something to pique your interest and tantalize your taste buds.

Dutch bros smoothie

These are 4 strawberry smoothie items

Green Apple$2.2960

What smoothie flavors does Dutch Bros offer?

Dutch Bros offers a variety of smoothie flavors, including strawberry, peach, mango, green apple, and more.

What is the Dutch Bros secret menu?

The Dutch Bros secret menu is a collection of delicious drinks that are not listed on the regular menu, including a variety of smoothies, coffee drinks, frozen drinks, and other creative beverages.

What are some popular Dutch Bros smoothie flavors?

Some popular Dutch Bros smoothie flavors include the Peach Smoothie, Strawberry Banana Smoothie, and Green Apple Smoothie, among others.

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